Pain in Your Arm? Could Be “Cell Phone Elbow”

Arm position cuts off blood supply, could require surgery

Pain in your arm lately?  Tingling in your fingers? It might be that phone you're always holding to your ear.

Doctors nicknamed the problem,  "Cell Phone Elbow." It's real -- and it hurts.

Occupational therapist Edwin Hall has treated it many times. "Loss of grip, loss of feeling, dropping objects, loss of strength and coordination," are just some of the symptoms Hall told us about.

The medical name for the condition is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. It happens when you bend your elbow more than 90 degrees for an extended period of time. That position cuts off blood supply to the nerve that runs from your shoulder through your elbow and into your hand.

If left untreated, the worst cases of "Cell Phone Elbow" can even require surgery.

"The sooner they get it addressed and diagnosed, the less it will interfere with their life," said Hall.

Experts tell us to avoid problems you can try switching hands frequently, however that method could cause problems in both arms.  The best prevention is a cordless headset.

"Cordless headset without a doubt.  Get away from this position.  Use technology that's available," Hall agrees.

It's either that -- or hang up the phone.

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