One Year Later: Lower Greenville After the Fire

More than a year after a devastating fire in Lower Greenville, there are signs of life at the charred building.

Construction crews have been busy cleaning, rebuilding and refurbishing an old building in the 2800 block of Greenville Avenue that burned in the massive blaze in March 2010. The building was once home to Terilli's, Mick's, the Hurricane Grill and the Greenville Avenue Bar and Grill.

"Coming here when it was just ashes was depressing," said Chris McGuinness, a customer of the restaurants and owner of Dodie's restaurants.

He is opening a Dodie's in the building on Monday. The facade of the building, which was built in the 1930s, is intact. But the roof that collapsed in the fire is now a rooftop deck overlooking busy Greenville Avenue.

"We've got people already calling to reserve the roof," McGuinness said.

He said he's toying with the idea of holding a charity raffle with the winner getting to host a party on the rooftop deck of Dodie's during Greenville's popular St. Patrick's Day festivities. Half of the proceeds would to to charity.

An Asian-themed restaurant will move in next door to Dodie's. Terilli's, a popular Italian neighborhood restaurant will reopen next month.

"Everybody loves Terilli's -- 827-3993, that's their phone number. I have it memorized," McGuinness said. "I love Terilli's more than anything, and I'm just glad to be neighbors with them finally."

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