“No Limits” Racing Drives TMS

Speedway hosts 1 million people a year

Looking for something fast and fun to do this weekend?

If so Texas Motor Speedway and its motto of "No Limits" can tame your sporty temptations.

The massive 1,500 acre sports venue is all about bigger and better.

“We have enormous parking lots, we can accommodate 80,000 cars and trucks for the fans and we can accommodate 6,800 RVs our here. That’s everything from a bumper pool camper to a luxurious motor coach that might cost upwards of a million dollars,” said TMS Tour Guide Paul Rector.

TMS is home to possibly your home away from home. There are condos in the Lone Star Tower next to the track for people who want a vacation spot that won't miss a lap.

There are apartment-sized condos with about 1,000 square feet up to the largest ones with a little over 2,500 square feet.

The backside of Lone Star Tower is all glass. So, no matter what size condo you have, you will have a clear view of the track.

The half mile wide grandstand can seat 123,000 people. Then there are 194 luxury boxes that seat 64 people each.
“Also, this race track generates $80 million into the local economy. That’s similar to what a Super Bowl does for a host city when they host a Super Bowl, about $80 million bucks,” said Rector.

Another connection TMS has to football is its size.

“Here’s an interesting statistic, out in the infield, the area in between the big mile and half oval we can park four Cowboys Stadiums. Four of those buildings will fit in the infield,” said Rector

Workers dug up four-million cubic yards of dirt to build the track and infield.

“This is so much nicer than Indianapolis Motor Speedway or Daytona Speedway and there are certainly big, prestigious, special places, but this one is the newest, the latest, the greatest, the most expensive speedway ever built. And it was built here in North Texas without a penny of taxpayer money. It was completely private money that built this place unlike any other sports venue that the major league teams play in around here, this one is strictly private,” said TMS CEO Eddie Gossage.

A single NASCAR race can bring in 400,000 people. TMS sees around 1 million people a year.

“And people come in here and they are from Australia or you know some place in Europe or someplace in the Far East, they have never seen anything like this in their life. There are only a handful of them around the world and we are always excited to see it through the eyes of another fan who has never been here before,” said Gossage.

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