Fun Fuels Racing at Yello Belly Drag Strip

Track home to history and drag racing for almost 60 years


If you like burnouts, big motors, and being boisterous, Yello Belly Drag Strip is how you want to end your weekend. 

“It’s been every Sunday since 1955,” said owner Pat Wright.

Its history makes Yello Belly Texas legend. “I think our track is probably about the oldest outlaw track in the state,” said Wright.

Wright used to work in insurance and says she never thought she’d be running a drag strip. Wright's sister owned the drag first. She passed away in 1986 having told Pat that if anything happened to her she wanted her to run the place.

“Well, I thought I knew what I was expecting because I used to come out here and help her on the weekends, but it’s a little bit different running it by yourself then just working,” said Wright.

Wright enjoys the people far more than the pedals they push.

“Everybody comes out here. The serious racer who travels the circuit all over America. The computer pro you see for a hobby and just the type that go everywhere and you never know,” said Wright. “And the cars, oh my goodness. There’s street cars out here. There are very expensive high caliber cars out here so far as speed is concerned. It’s kind of like good, better, best.".

You know it’s a good time when you can’t hear the person next to you. Volume at Yello Belly is a gage of success.

“It’s music to our years because it means out business is flourishing,” said Wright.

You’re probably wondering if there’s another career change ahead for Pat.

“I sort of doubt it. I don’t know if I can live that long,” said Wright.

Yello Belly Drag Strip
4702 E Main St
Grand Prairie, TX
(972) 282-8024

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