Nothing's More Charming Than a Good Deal

Boutique offers accessories at bargain-basement prices

North Texas women are crowding a new boutique full of accessories at bargain-basement prices.

Charming Charlie's low prices are wooing customers such as Allie Tewell, of Southlake.

"If I want to spend on accessories, I need to go cheap for it," she said.

It's a recurring sentiment among shoppers in a slow economy.

I'm not buying anything unless it's a deal," Southlake resident Michelle Fitzhugh said.

Charming Charlie's Rachel Wredling said the store can't get enough people working the registers.

"Sometimes the lines are out the door," she said.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, shoes and even clothes are arranged in color-coordinated sections with their prices slashed.

"It's considered guilt-free shopping, because every item is under $50," Wredling said.

A lot of the jewelry is designer-inspired. One section looks like David Yurman, jewelry which sells for hundreds -- sometimes thousands -- of dollars. But one of the necklaces at Charming Charlie is $24.97, and one ring is $19.97. A knockoff Fendi bag sells for $34.

James Avery-inspired sterling pieces are the highest-priced item, between $60 and $120.

Customers who join the store's club for free can knock more money off.

"You get 10 percent off your first purchase with Charm Club and 5 percent off each additional purchase," Wredling said.

It's a concept that has shoppers coming back to Charming Charlie again and again.

"I'm saving him money so that I can come back more -- right?" Southlake resident Amy Pradetto said.

Charming Charlie has two North Texas locations in Southlake and Highland Village, and the chain is expanding.

Shoppers can find more information on Charming Charlie's Web site at

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