Haunted Stockyards Hotel Has Raunchy Past

Haunted hotel has a raunchy past


Stay at Miss Molly's Hotel in the Fort Worth Stockyards and you might share your room with spirits that haven't checked out since checking in decades ago.

 "It's a little eetsy at times," says owner Paula Gowins. She says the building, which started as a prim and proper boarding house, then later turned into a brothel, has had plenty of spooky events at the bed and breakfast.

"After people check out, toliets start flushing by themselves. You know, stereos turn on, players start playing CDs," Gowins explains. What's more, Gowins says the hotel has it's own permanent guests.

"There are at least two cowboy ghosts and several Victorian women," she says. "They've got eight rooms to play with and every time something happens, the guests love it!"

Gowins brings her own spirit to the operation, dressing up on weekends as the titular "Miss Molly." She says she knew the former owner of the hotel who needed someone new in charge.

"He didn't tell me it was haunted!" Gowins says.

But others know. Guest Julie Eberle even came to the hotel for it's reputation as a spooky spot.

"It's my husband's birthday and he loves this stuff," Eberle says. "We wanted something fun and adventurous, so that's what we're here for."

Of course, there are some tricks to getting to see the best spirits. The Madame's Room is one of the places that gets some of the most hauntings. 

In addition, the owner gives guests some other advice to have a haunting experience. "Miss Molly told me to shut the Bible," Eberle whispered to us.

Miss Molly's Hotel
109 W. Exchange Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76106
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