Look Like: Gossipy NYC Prep

Ladies, whether you’re more of a Blair or a Serena at heart (or Taylor or Kelli for that matter), throwing together an effortless upper-crust look is as easy as 1-2-3.

Lesson One: Head Games
The key to keeping pampered, polished locks in place is elastic with a touch of shine. (Steer clear of satin or you’ll end up prissy - not preppy.) The Mercury ($38) and Pair of Pansies ($18) Headbands from Anthropologie both fit the bill. Available online or at Highland Park Village or NorthPark Center.

Lesson Two: Checks and Balances
Remember tit-for-tat when mixing and matching. Top prints and plaids with solids or pop a plain-jane outfit with one dramatic detail. L. Bartlett in the West Village has the right idea pairing a taupe mini skirt with black lace brocade overlay by Eight Sixty ($78) with a creamy ivory frilled halter by Ryu ($66). In fact, everything at this one-of-a-kind store is spot-on.

Lesson Three: Cover Your Bases
Blazers are so back-to-school. When the weather’s warm, why not layer on something luxe (and ventilated)? The Whitney Cotton Vest ($95) from Ralph Lauren Rugby looks prep-school perfect paired with a skinny belt. Available online or in Highland Park Village.

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