Local Pastor Goes on ‘Colbert,' Calls for More Sex

Pastor Ed Young of Grapevine's Fellowship Church, who once drove a tank on stage during a sermon about putting on the full armor of God, is urging his congregants to save their marriages by having sex every night for a week. His challenge has become wildly popular with horny Christians and joke-tellers nationwide, thanks to the sexy pep talk he brought to The Colbert Report last week.

But what about the singles in Fellowship's attending crowd of more than 20,000 who are forbidden to partake? They must feel left out. Why not plug the hot dog challenge at the nearby Grapevine Diner as an alternative? You get on a wall of fame for that one.

Of the appearance, though: Young made one heckuva talk show guest. The glimmer in his eyes as he chatted openly with Colbert about such a discreet subject (Young claims the charge was his wife's idea, to Colbert's delight) had us wondering if a mutual man-crush was blossoming between the sheepish men of virtue. Should we expect a sermon soon on the godly pursuit of bro-mance?

UPDATE: We've embedded Pastor Young's apperance below. Enjoy.
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