Let’s All Adopt The Arizona Cardinals!

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Sean OHara

Hear me out, or I guess read me out for just a minute. The NFL playoffs are in their second round, and the Dallas Cowboys are not. Being an Arizona native, I'm in rare waters this weekend with the Cardinals still participating in football. I've been a huge Cards fan since I was a kid and really had nothing to cheer for. I was excited when they drafted Jake Plummer out of Arizona State (my alma mater), and when we made the playoffs back in 1998. That was also the year we beat the Cowboys, sorry.

My plea to you, the beautiful Texan, join me in celebrating this rarity. Hop on this Cardinals bandwagon before it pulls out and heads to Tampa for the Super Bowl. I think we can all get behind a true underdog together and make something special happen. I won't judge, I'll embrace your decision. The water's warm. It's a perfect time to joing a team with no drama, no criminals, and no high maintenence super stars. It's just a team excited to be playing football in January and making the most of it.

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