Kroger’s Saturday Shopping List

Damian Trujillo

People. Saturday is serious business. We do not get this opportunity very often - ok, never. Unless you live by a KMart, in which case - don't get me started.

I digress, where was I?

Oh, yes. Saturday. You must be prepared. You can't just walk into Kroger, expecting the deals to walk into you. You need a list & strategically clipped coupons. You must pass go to collect $200. I know...this is no time for jokes. Excuse me.

My Penny Pile has created an awesome shopping list for those of us in LA/TX who will be up bright & early on Saturday morning to take advantage of Kroger's One-Day-Super-Saving-Saturday gig! Check out her full list here!

A few of my faves:

Buitoni Angel Hair Pasta (refrigerated) 1.99
-1.00 off coupon 6/21

Playtex Gloves 1.99
-1.00 off coupon 6/3

Grande Tortilla Chips 2.00
-1.00 off coupon 6/21

Nakano Rice Vinegar 2.49
-1.00 off printable

Smart Balance Oil 2.69
- 1.00 off printable

Borden Gallon Milk 3.49
-1.00 off coupon 6/21

Fillipo Olive Oil 4.79
-1.00 off printable

Can you tell I'm excited? I'm in AZ right now for's 6:30AM and I'm blogging about my Kroger shopping plans for tomorrow. I know - I'm pathetic. I can't help it. Anyone know of a Couponing 12 Step Program? My husband would sign me up in an instant.


UPDATE: Made 2 trips to Kroger...1 was not so fabulous. That happened to be at 2AM this morning - I ended up leaving everything in the store & going home after finding out that I was going to be standing in line for over 1.5 hours. There was no way...

2nd one was MUCH better...ended up buying tons of goodies including bread, chips, pasta, fruit, cereal, snacks, rubber gloves, hot dogs, and rice...the store ended up owing me over $4 so I bought a magazine & paid 54¢ total. My shopping cart was overflowing...not bad for a couple of quarters!

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