Joe Has A Change of Heart About Tony

Jessica Simpson's dad, Joe, is apparently blaming Tony Romo for all the singer/actresses' issues lately.

According to the National Enquirer while Joe encouraged the pairing, he now things Tony is no good for Jessica because he's too much of a distraction.

A 'friend' told The Enquirer: "Any free time she has, Jess wants to spend with Tony. But rather than blaming his daughter's work ethic, Joe points the finger at Tony."

The 'friend' goes on to say Joe would like Tony out of Jessica's life, but she's not having it.

What the El!?! Editorial:

First off I don't believe this is true. If she wasn't dating Tony no one would be talking about her right now. Joe like that she's in the headlines.

IF however it were true this would chap my hide in a BIG way. Tony is a distraction for Jess, so she isn't watching her weight, or she's making bad wardrobe choices, or she's forgetting the lyrics and having breakdowns on stage?

Oh wait, Tony got hurt, didn't make the best plays. It was okay when it was Tony but it's a whole other thing if it hurts your money-making princess?

Hmmmmm… now you know why I'd rather believe it's not true.

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