Jessica in “Wives of Cowboys” Cookbook

If the injury is the way the Cowboys played this season, then you can add this insult to injury… Jessica Simpson appears in the 2008 Cowboys Family Cookbook presented by "the wives of the Dallas Cowboys."

What the El!?! Editorial:

Oh dear lord, someone make it stop!

Us Weekly reports that on page 127 Simpson and her quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo share family recipes for "banana breakfast fruit smoothies" and "no-fat broccoli and cherry tomatoes."

In the book's bio section Simpson lists her occupation as "hairdresser" and Romo says his is "fence builder."

Ironic, he built a fence between himself and some Cowboys fans with his post-season-ending game interview when he made the "if this is the worst thing that happens in my life" comment that some, including me, felt was dismissive.

Click here for the '08 Dallas Cowboys Family Cookbook

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