Idol's Final Song Sucked

Flash back to last season's "American Idol" finale, the duel of the Davids, and Simon Cowell's confident proclamation.
"You came out here tonight to win, and what we have witnessed is a knockout," he told David Archuleta -- who then proceeded to lose to David Cook.
Could Adam Lambert, cooed over by Cowell and the show's other judges Tuesday, as he has been all season, be another front-runner who falters? Could low-key Kris Allen swipe victory Wednesday from the bold theater actor who brought "guyliner" to family TV?
The answer may be found among Danny Gokey's supporters, according to Paula Abdul: Gokey's elimination after making it to the top three sent them in search of a new favorite.
"After the third one leaves, you wonder where do the votes go from that third contestant," the "Idol" judge said backstage after Tuesday's singing showdown.

What the El!?! Editorial:

I think that Adam is clearly the best person to win, he's marketable, relevant and talented. However, I think Kris might get Gokey's votes.

I'm fine with Adam not winning. It'll take a year to put out the Idol album, however the runner-up's album always comes out first.

I'd rather Adam be free of Idol after the tour so that he can be the artist he wants to be and record with Slash or Steven Tyler or any other recording artists who is a fan of the show!

So now let's talk about the horrible song Kara DioGuardi co-wrote. "No Boundaries" was horrible! I love that no one wanted to say the song was bad news, but you can count on Simon to say "Look, I'm not gonna judget that song – I'm gonna judge you." He did refer to "mountains and hurricanes" or whatever to which Kara said "I know, I know."

That song is hideous bad. I don't care who sings it, I don't want to hear it again.

(Associated Press)

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