How Clean Is Clean?

OxiClean® Versatile (The Original!)

For those of you who know me...I mean really know know that I just short of obsessed about cleaning my clothes. I have what I like to think of as the 'perfect regime' to get my whites whiter and keep my darks darker. I don't know where this all came from...I grew into it as I got older. I start to shake when someone else offers to do the laundry or I come home to find that my husband decided to generously do a load. AUGH! I have to inspect every piece of clothing to determine if I should just wash them all over again or grin & bear it. Weird, I know!

Anyways, I digress. Caught this deal today at Costco! I absolutely love Costco. Love it! They have terrific home items that I can rarely pass up. My visits are far between these days as I grow more and more weary of letting go of those few dollars I'm willing to budget myself. One trip to Costco can put me over budget by a whole month!

For the next month, they have a deal of Oxi Clean...a 15 pound tub will put you back $13.39. A steal compared to any other store! This stuff rarely goes on sale anywhere & coupons are even more rare. Their website advertises a "deal" for a 6-pound tub for $11.99. Yikes!

I love this stuff, I include it in every load of laundry. I rarely use bleach & Oxi Clean is very similar minus the whole "Color Beware" thing.

Today's sign said that an 'instant manufacturer's rebate' of $4 was in effect until May 10th. Starting May 11th, you can use your Costco coupon booklet for that same $4 discount. The original price is $17.39 so a $4 discount is about a 25% reduction.

So to you fellow Costco Lovers - time to make a visit! May I suggest blinders? Go immediately to the back, pick up your box of Oxi and head immediately to the cashier. No looking left or right. No stopping for a taste of this or that! We're talking a 60 second sprint from Point A to Point B. Don't be distracted by the smells from the bakery. No, you do not need 120 pounds of potatoes, you do not need 65 pounds of ground beef. You do not need that beautiful Artisan painting or that gorgeous crystal vase. Move it! Time is money!

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