Hotter Than Hell Margarita Meltdown


After enduring one of the hottest Texas summers ever it’s time to celebrate the soon-to-come cool breezes of fall. Well, we hope anyways!

And what better way to let loose than with a quick trip to the eclectic and always up-and-coming  Bishop Arts area of sunny Oak Cliff to judge a margarita contest?

First off, the Hotter than Hell Margarita Meltdown gives anyone the opportunity to judge. And whether you want to admit or not, sometimes it’s fun to judge. Secondly, up for discussion are margaritas presented by some of the best in the city's alcohol slanging gang.

Sfuzzi from Uptown and Hacienda on Henderson (check out the videos below), Neighborhood Services, Alma , Maximo (voted best margarita by D Magazine) downtown newcomer Wild Salsa, Iron Cactus, Ten Sports Grill along with neighborhood faves Bolsa, Smoke, Nova, Mesa and Veracruz Cafe are participating in the meltdown.

Live  music and street food offered by Veracruz and Hacienda on Henderson will help judges take the edge off of their very, very serious work.

And while this fun, boozy event is very much worth the drive this holiday weekend, we recommend you take a cab when you're done with all your meltdown fun.


  • It all goes down Sunday, Sept. 4 from 6 p.m.-10 p.m.
  • Pay $20 cash at the door to receive a wristband for 'rita sampling and a chip to cast your vote.
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