Honest to Goodness

GO NUTS:  Let’s be honest.  The phrase “Really delicious granola” is akin to “Totally hot Earth Shoes” or “Most bitchin’ drum circle ever”.  But you’ll have to go with us on this one, and keep in mind that we’ve never steered you wrong.  (Or toward patchouli-scented anything.)  Honest Foods’ granola planks are a wholesome, G-rated party in your mouth, and may be just the thing you need to stay on track with your health-minded aspirations for 2010.  Anything but the bland brown stuff you’ll find inside other packages of this familiar snack, Honest’s version is studded with whole nuts and dried fruit and tastes like heaven.  If chocolate ice cream wasn’t allowed in heaven, that is.  GET IT:  6 for $15; shop online or click here for area retailers.

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