Homemade Bows – Going Green for Christmas

Handmade Bows

Thanks to Money Saving MomAHeart4Home for this terrific bow-making idea!

Be honest...how many magazine subscriptions do you receive every month? I have lost count at this point but I'm betting its around 10 (at least)! I absolutely cringe at the idea of simply throwing them away when I'm done - so I don't. Which is a constant irritant to my husband who says he has to lug them around every time we move.

A solution! Homemade bows. How cute is this bow? So much cuter than store bought bows! And a terrific way to use those old magazines before tossing them in the recycle bin.

Click here for a quick tutorial.

I' would love to hear your ideas on how to reuse & recycle for the holidays!

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