Home Makeover Helps Euless Family

'George to the Rescue' visits North Texas


Helping deserving families make house repairs they can’t afford is the mission of the home improvement series "George to the Rescue," which recently made it’s second season debut on NBC 5.

Five months ago, the show changed the lives of a Euless family. 

"We have a nice little house and it’s turned into a great little house," said homeowner Kitty Conway.

Kitty and her husband Joel had the good fortune of having George Oliphant and his crew rehab their home last year. The crew recently returned to North Texas to check in on them.

"The house is holding up really well. We’re really enjoying it," said Kitty and Joel’s daughter Jennifer.

Jennifer is the one who got the show’s attention after she wrote a letter talking about how she wanted to do something nice for her parents. Jennifer has muscular dystrophy and lives in their house.

Kitty is a nurse while Joel is retired and helps take care of Jennifer.

The family’s story excited show host George Oliphant. "I’m very lucky. I’ve got a great job. I get to go out and I get to help people who can’t do the jobs themselves for one reason or the other," said Oliphant. "And I get to work with great people from around the country who all have the same goal and that is to help people."

The team pulled all the carpeting in the house and put in hardwood floors so Jennifer could have easy access with her wheelchair.

They also rehabbed Kitty and Joel’s room and closet as well as redo the living room.

"Yes, it still feels new. I was telling them every morning when I get up and I see what they did, it’s great, it’s beautiful and I just can’t believe that this is our house," said Kitty.

"George to the Rescue" is always looking for deserving families. To nominate one you can email George at george@nbc.com or visit George to the Rescue.

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