H&M To Open at NorthPark in 2011

Dallas shoppers, your prayers have been answered. After years of rumors and speculation, the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Observer's Unfair Park reported yesterday that H&M will open a 24,000 square foot store at NorthPark Center in the second half of 2011.

Both sources agree that this first Texas outpost of the fast fashion Swedish mega-chain will most likely move into the mall's former Robb & Stucky furniture space. We'll third that motion, but we'd like to add that NorthPark might not have been our choice in the first place, if we were the H&M powers that be.

While it's true that the shopping center boasts a two-story Forever 21, NorthPark's reputation has long been rooted in high-end designer boutiques like Valentino, Versace, and Oscar de la Renta. Recent additions like Gucci and Roberto Cavalli have further upped the ante.

Not to mention the fact that parking at NorthPark during peak hours is already a nightmare.

It seems to us that Galleria Dallas would have been a more logical choice. Even better, one of the recently vacated spaces in the freestanding Galleria North strip just across Alpha Road could have accommodated H&M's space requirement, and made in-and-out access a (comparative) breeze.  Just saying.

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