Restaurants Selling Out for Super Bowl

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Super Bowl XLV is just around the corner, which means in less than a month corporate big wigs, professional athletes and Hollywood stars are expected to visit North Texas.

This doesn't leave much room for locals who enjoy a night on the town at a nice restaurant.

Abacus executive chef Kent Rathbun said he's used to big parties and reservations, but Super Bowl week is a different story.

"We actually have been working with people for four, five months," said Rathbun.

The celebrity chef's restaurant is already sold out from Thursday to Saturday the week of the Super Bowl.

The same goes for Sambuca in Uptown. The popular eaterie's weekend is booked with corporate parties

It's a common theme at popular restaurants across North Texas. Most hotspots, from Dallas to Fort Worth are already booked.

"Thousands of people are going to be coming into the city, looking for a place to go eat, wanting to be at the hot spots, so most definitely we are encouraging reservations," said Sambuca Catering Manager April Marquart.

Some locals we spoke with said that’s something that never really crossed their minds.

"Well, I think it's great for the businesses, and I think it's great for the town to have all these people coming in from out of town but I guess I hadn't even thought about that," said Connie Weston, who who frequents Sambuca.

Weston's solution is to step into uncharted territory.

"That may be a weekend that I will have to look at eating in... Go to the grocery store... And I don't cook! Very well anyway," said Weston.

Another diner, Leon McKenzie, seconded her idea.

"I am going to grocery shop, cook, but I got some good connections so I might be able to get in somewhere," said McKenzi.

A caution from Chef Rathburn: "If you want to go out on Super Bowl weekend you need to book now!"

Several other restaurants have decided not to open their reservation books until a month before the big game.

Thus, locals may still have time to get a table at one of those restaurants.

Stephan Pyles just began taking reservations last week.

Nick & Sam's and Nick & Sam’s Grill won't begin taking reservations until Jan. 17.

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