Haunted Bridge in Denton Attracts Halloween Visitors

Legend claims Goatman's Bridge in Denton is haunted

Old Alton Bridge in Denton will be crowded with visitors on Halloween night.  Legend has it that the bridge, also known as Goatman's Bridge, is haunted.

There are tales of strange sightings on or near the bridge. Most visitors come during the day and at night  for one reason.

"We come to find the goat man," Lewisville resident Dustin Russell said.

They want to find out if the legend surrounding the bridge is fact or fiction.

"I don't believe in ghosts," Denton resident Gage Curtis said.

"I believe it is possible. I believe anything is possible," Denton resident Darin Prater said.

The antique structure dates back to the 1800's. The most chilling and haunting part of its story involves the goat man, a story that has been passed down for generations. Legend has it that a goat farmer was killed on the bridge, and his spirit sticks around.

"They never found the body, so he is walking the woods and stuff. He's half man, half goat," Russell said.

John Mathney is a park ranger and closely patrols the bridge on days like Halloween.

"People hear noises. They can't explain the noises. Or, they will see figures in the still frame or video, like a ghost or something like that," Mathney said.

Mathney said he doesn't believe in ghosts, but he knows there are some that do.

"I know it's Halloween tonight, and the legend of this bridge being haunted, so we always try to stop by to see if anyone is doing anything illegal or just out here having fun," Mathney said.

For most, it's simply a scary story, but there's still an occasional thrill that remains unexplained.

"When we were walking through, it felt like there were people behind us," Russell said.

The legend of goat man lives on, whether it's true or not.

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