Grey Skies Don't Keep Shoppers Away on Black Friday

Traditions trump economic realities in the Williams' family.

 "Day after Thanksgiving, we get up and look at the ads the night before and we're ready to go Friday morning." said Karen Williams.

Williams and her daughter have been up since 3 a.m., searching for deals on Black Friday. After six hours of shopping, they've made their way to Firewheel Town Center in Garland.

Some shoppers know exactly what they want to buy. Others are just window shopping for later.

Retailers will have to work harder to make a sale with some shoppers.

Williams' daughter, Karen Edwards, says she'll only pull out her wallet if stores offer up a great bargain.

"We're always looking for deals and easier ways to save money." Edwards said.

Mike and Judy Gayle are shopping for teddy bears for their favorite charity. The Mesquite couple found bargains at Build-A-Bear Workshop, a retail shop where children can build their own stuffed animal.

The store manager says for the first time, the retailer is cutting prices on several stuffed animals that were never discounted.

The price was too good for the Gayle family to pass up.

"The slow economy is better for shoppers. Probably, in some ways, better, because I think that stores are really hurting." Judy Gayle said.

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