Get to Know the Rocket Summer

The Rocket Summer definitely has a summer feel to its music and you can't deny it was a fan favorite at the Warped Tour as it made a stop in Dallas. Maybe it has a lot to do with the band's lead singer Bryce Avary, who grew up in North Texas and went to Grapevine High School.

"Dallas is one of our best places. I'm from Grapevine. I was born and raised there, the Grapevine-Colleyville area. Went to Grapevine High School so generally when we come to Dallas we have a pretty big turn out," said Avary.

This is the second time the band has been on the Warped tour and its a journey they enjoy. "It's our second time to do Warped, we really love it," said  Avary. "It's a crazy experience. I'm sure you have probably heard the phrase, punk rock summer camp, already, but it really is what it is like."

Avary also likes the way the tour mixes it up. One day they could be playing first the next last, but either way the band likes being on Warped. He also insists because of the schedule the band don't have the luxury of staying up all hours of the night. 

"Normally when you are on tour you end up going to sleep really late at night three, four in the morning because you know your shows are ending around midnight, You are kind of winding down," said Avary. "But this, it's not hard to go to sleep at 11 o clock at night. You get up at 7 in the morning, it's pretty weird. It's kinda the anti rock n roll lifestyle."

The tour isn't only a chance for Avery to get up close and personal with fans, with so many bands on the line-up, for many it's and education of sorts. "There are a whole bunch of us who are friends. I've actually been doing this for quite a long time," said Avary. "And so this has been kind of a cool tour  for us because a lot of the bands will come to us 'oh we have been listening to you for so long" and that is really flattering."

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