FrontBurner Cuts Users From the Conversation

D Magazine's FrontBurner blog, which calls itself "a daily conversation about Dallas," is making it a one-way conversation, sort of.

This morning, Wick Allison announced that FrontBurner will no longer have an open comments section at the bottom of blog posts that allowed users to engage in the conversation, instead readers can send an email to the editor and "if your point is valid and well-made, the editor will post it."

Allison admits comments on the site went from "thoughtful and intelligent" to "irrelevant and illiterate."

It seems that's what happens when we open the dialogue to the world.

Hope you enjoy the tennis match at FrontBurner, since you'll only see a conversation among editors.

If you don't like it, follow FrontBurner's advice and come on over to, we welcome everyone to the conversation.

Of course we wish more people would stick to the subject, but we realize there are people who love to start a fight, get on a rant, or just have no one to talk to.

We can't and don't review every posting made by the public, so take what you read in the comments sections with a grain of salt, disregard what you want, or heck, just click "Flag Comment" if the comment isn't relevant or what they're saying isn't appropriate.

We look at it as free speech with a touch of community sensitivity. Enjoy.

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