Fort Worth Hotel Scrambles for Grand Opening

It's as if the final seconds of the game clock are ticking down, with no time outs left -- construction workers at the Omni Fort Worth are going with a no huddle offense in an effort to get the hotel finished in time for Monday's grand opening.

Whether dangling several stories up in the air or driving nails on their kneecaps,  workers are fired up and hitting a lick round the clock in an effort to meet Monday's grand opening deadline.

But even with the pressure on, Omni Fort Worth General Manager Ed Netzhammer is relatively calm and collected, personally giving us a grand tour of his 1-million square foot marble, wood and glass masterpiece that's been 2-and-a-half years in the making.

"And again it's all scheduled for completion on the 12th," Netzhammer mentions.

He admits a hard hit from mother nature has got his back against the wall, "Asphalt can only be poured during certain temperatures."

Asphalt that was supposed to be poured Monday had to be put off until now due to cold and rainy weather.

"And it's good to know that on Friday, we will be done pouring asphalt."

Netzhammer assured us that come Monday at 3pm, he will be popping a champagne cork.

On January 17th the hotel will host its first overnight guests.

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