Florida Couple's Bubble Machine Gets Internet Attention

We use our computers for all kinds of things everyday. Like, for example, checking out the latest news and weather.

But have you ever used your computer for something less constructive and more fun, like blowing bubbles?

"We were playing around with web sites and the internet at the time, and she thought "well wouldn't it be neat if someone could blow bubbles on the internet" and that's all it took," said bubblecam owner Mike Devoe.

Mike and Andie Devoe had purchased a bubble machine to entertain trick or treaters several years ago but decided to make it something people could enjoy all year round, so tucked quietly into there neighborhood, is their own little bubble heaven.

"I wish I liked anything as much as my kids liked bubbles," explained Andie.

But it's not just kid stuff when it comes to Mike and Andie's Bubblecam.

"We've had feedback from all over the world," People at work, people at play, people in long distance relationships logging on to give each other the gift of bubbles. "I have friends who are teachers that kind of use it as a "if you're good you can go blow bubbles today" kind of thing," said Andie.

And they have some very touching stories.

"We've had feedback from somebody their family got together with their grandparent in Hospice and was able to blow bubbles over the internet,” said Mike.

Mike and Andie say they'll keep the bubblecam going as long as they can but right now if you want to see it there is one restriction.

"It's only operational during daylight hours, but one of these days we might get up the nerve to go 24 hours with it," said Mike.

Find the bubble machine online at this address: http://www.andieandmike.org/bubblecam-push.stm

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