Five Rules: Quick-Change Hair

Take your 'do from work to play in a matter of minutes with these five expert tips.


Picture this:  It’s 5:34 and you’ve just finished up a long day at work.  In 26 minutes, you’re due at a company cocktail party, to be followed by dinner with friends in town for the holidays.  You’ve got just enough time to duck into the restroom and freshen up; heading home to change is out of the question. 

Sound familiar?  Thought so.  But help is on the way.  You take care of making sure your shirt’s tucked in and your lipstick’s fresh, and leave the quick-change hair to Amy Kott-Hovland.  Owner of Frisco’s Von Anthony Salon, she’s got over 20 years experience in helping folks look and feel their best.  Here, she shares some of her top time-saving tips for both girls and guys.

Five Rules for Quick and Easy Party Hair

1.  Get a head start
For women, Kott-Hovland recommends setting or curling your hair first thing in the morning.  “It will help ease you into any style,” she explains.  Whether using hot rollers or a curling iron, she mists with Irondesign protective spray first, then finishes with Sheer Lacquer spray afterward (both products by Shu Uemura).

2.  Make a quick change
When it’s time to party, our expert has the ticket to a super-fast, polished look:
“Part your hair a little farther over than usual, on a diagonal.  This will give you a sophisticated ‘Old Hollywood Glam’ look that works well on any length of hair.”  Compliment this sophisticated ‘do with a jeweled headband, or clip one side back with an embellished barrette. Check out the selections at Banana Republic and Juicy Couture (pictured above).

3.  Refine your style
For a more elegant look, Kott-Hovland’s step-by-step chignon is the ticket:  “Create a deep side part, gather all of your hair into a low side ponytail, and secure with an elastic band.  Then, split the pony tail in half and take the first section at the top of the pony and twist once, like you are setting hair around a roller.  Leave the ends of hair out and secure with bob pin.  Once that piece is secure, you can twist the ends of the same section and pin.  Repeat with other half of the pony.  Spray chignon with Sheer Lacquer.”

4.  Keep it natural, guys
When it comes to men’s styles, our expert says, “For a modern masculine look, wear a short shape and let your hair follow its natural growth patterns.  Keep side burns at least two fingers’ width long.”  With a cut like this, an evening style is as easy as applying a sculpting product like Silk Mesh by Shu Uemura.  Distribute the cream with your fingers while allowing hair to fall naturally.

5.  Bring sexy back
Finally, for a guy’s look with “sex appeal”, our expert would begin with a razor cut.  “This creates lots of texture,” she explains.  Product can then be applied by scrunching into hair “for the wild guy”, or smoothing to one side for a more polished look.

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