Fashionably Ever After

Clothes Circuit is a fairy tale come true for the upscale resale shopper

Imagine if Hansel and Gretel’s trail of crumbs lead instead to a feast of fashion.  The cozy cottage would tempt curious explorers with designer delights as delectable as sugar and spice, but easier on the waistline…and wallet-friendly to boot.  Sounds like our kind of bedtime story.

Clothes Circuit, hidden in plain sight on Sherry Lane in Dallas, is like a fairy tale come true for the upscale resale shopper.  From the moment you pass through the boutique’s bright red door, you’re treated to an irresistible array of affordable fashions, shoes, jewelry and more.  The sweetest part?  You’d never guess any of it was second hand.

“Condition is very important to us,” says owner Irene Mylan.  Her commitment to quality is the key to this 26-year-old store’s success.  “Our customers are busy women, and we don’t want them having to plow through things that are [only] almost good enough to be here.”

Whether it’s a pair of Manolos or a Tory Burch tunic, everything at Clothes Circuit is double-inspected for imperfections.  You also won’t find any item over two years old.  Oh, and Mylan is a stickler for seasonality.  She knows her customer is shopping to wear, so the store is always stocked for the current season.

On a recent drizzly Saturday, Clothes Circuit was bustling with stylish shoppers taking advantage of a Yellow Banana sale (with a wink to the Foley’s Red Apple).  Mylan herself and many friendly staffers were on hand to help guide customers through the store’s immense selection.  At any given time, some 12,000-plus resale items are in stock at Clothes Circuit.  Half turn over each month and anything that hasn’t sold at the end of the season is donated to charity.

Mylan notes that designer bags and shoes are especially quick to move.  “We fast-track the very best things,” she explains, pointing out that a Facebook update recently lead to the rapid sale of an irresistible Gucci bag.

But even if you’re in the market for everyday wear, Clothes Circuit can hook you up with high quality at a great price.  “We have a lot of bargain shoppers these days…and there’s no shame in it,” says Mylan.  Premium casual brands like Banana Republic and Gap are priced to move.  In other words, you can pick up a skirt and a couple of tops and still have enough left over for a pair of Chanel pumps.  …Like the black and white plaid beauties we found for just $97.50!  That’s what we’d call a very happy ending.

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