Fannie May Discount Code – FABULOUS Gift Ideas!

Many thanks to Hip2Save for this find! Check out all the details on her site here.

Fannie May has a fabulous coupon code worth $15 off your purchase! It will deduct the coupon from shipping costs as well so hurry while they still have some lower-priced items in stock!

Coupon Code: 10575

I was able to use it twice - I had some peanut brittle shipped  for Christmas...a mere $3! And a 16-count box of truffles shipped for $10! I knocked off 2 families from my Christmas shopping list for just around $13. I have to admit - I wasn't planning on buying a gift for one of the families but I thought they would appreciate the thought - and for $3 - it was money well spent!

You may find that you have more expensive shipping prices - I would suggest clicking on the calendar & chosing a future ship date. This lowered my shipping costs to $6.

Good luck!

Update: Check out Hip2Save here for updates on this deal. Apparently, some customers were charged with extra charges. I have not had this happen to me (yet), but its worth checking out. As always, keep a copy of your receipt (you will receive an email confirmation of the total cost) for proof of purchase. If you have any issues, the Customer Service #1-800-999-3629.

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