Cuban: ‘The Government's Claims are False'

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban could have taken two routes in addressing the federal government's civil complaint against him stemming from alleged insider trading: he could have responded calmly and let the story die down David Stern-style, or he could have come out with guns blazing.

On second thought, this is Mark Cuban we're talking about. Blaze away, Mark:

This matter, which has been pending before the Commission for nearly two years, has no merit and is a product of gross abuse of prosecutorial discretion. Mr. Cuban intends to contest the allegations and to demonstrate that the Commission's claims are infected by the misconduct of the staff of its Enforcement Division.

Mr. Cuban stated, "I am disappointed that the Commission chose to bring this case based upon its Enforcement staff's win-at-any-cost ambitions. The staff's process was result-oriented, facts be damned. The government's claims are false and they will be proven to be so."

This sort of retort has three tangible repercussions in our world: the story will bounce through the headlines so long as Cuban fights, SEC jokes will become immediately played out (instead of played out in a month or so), and an army of amateur criminologists will spend days ripping through every Cuban quote looking for the silver bullet. (Guilty.) By the way, the call from's CEO which led to Cuban's alleged malfeasance was received in American Airlines Arena, where the Mavs play. Also, it came four days after Dallas traded a future first for Pavel Podkolzine, probably the worst player named Pavel in NBA history. The future first became Linas Kleiza, probably the best player named Linas in NBA history.

(Let me not get away without a snide side remark: Cuban should have his lawyer write all his angry retorts. This was the first one of which I could read without wincing. Wordpress has spellcheck, Mark!)

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