Snack on These Fancy Nuts

Texas-based peanut company unveils new flavors

A trip to the ballpark begs for beer and peanuts, right?

People who like to snarf down plain ol’ peanuts as they enjoy America’s pastime may want to meet Lord Nut Levington, er -- his nuts that is.

Lord Nut Levington is actually a Texas-based peanut company, which has debuted five flavors that are anything but typical.

Here’s a breakdown of the nutty flavors:

The Rebel Mary flavor is a take on what a Bloody Mary tastes like with lemon, celery, pepper and spicy bloody Mary flavor.

The El Cheddarales peanuts taste like cheddar cheese and jalapeno.

Mamma Mia nuts are Italian-style and taste like tomato, garlic and cheese.

Thai Dyed are Asian inspired with hints of Thai curry and lemongrass.

Cinnapplooza are sweet nuts that taste like a mix of apples, cinnamon and vanilla.

A canister of these fancy nuts costs $5.49 and area available at Central Market locations.

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