Family Planners Should Be Simple

Legacy Books has worst and best of mom-agendas

Somewhere between the sushi pens and Moleskins, we could have sworn we paged through a multi-line day view planner at Legacy Books in Plano at Christmastime. There were nifty color codes for different projects or people and their corresponding schedules, stacked on top of each other for optimal prevention of the double-booked appointment. It calmed us on the spot -- until our attention was diverted to a tiny dinosaur somehow suspended in a bouncy ball.

Seeking some therapeutic organization (and the clearance sale on calendars), we stopped at Legacy and tried to describe the thick, bound wonder to a cashier who knew exactly what we meant. He led us to the Truly Mom planners, covered with a leather-like material in a bright green, a sugary pink and a powder blue. We hadn't remembered the endless packs of sticky notes and the patterned reminder sheets ("What to Cook For Dinner!") in the inside pockets.

The not-on-sale price on the back: $55. It turns out these models were on the cheap side of Truly [Nutty] Mom – the problem starts here - Pink Patent Leather "mary jane" planner goes for $150, if the overparenting crisis hasn't cost us all enough. Fifteen bucks bought us a lean WhoMi Clarity Agenda on sale; same coded schedules and way less purse space.

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