Scaring Up Halloween Bargains at Thrift Stores

Penny pinchers looking for costume deals

Ugly polyester jackets and plaid pants don't sell very well most of year, but when it gets close to Halloween, everything changes.

"That's when those things come out on the sales floor," Christy Latson with Goodwill told NBC San Diego.

The thrift store business lives for Halloween. It's almost like the day after Thanksgiving for regular retail with last minute shoppers hitting the racks looking for dress up on a discount.

"Every costume I probably saved more than $40," said Veronica Murillo.

The mother of four shops at thrift stores every week leading up to Halloween. 

"You come in and you find something different," said Murillo.

Judy Cash is planning for her annual Halloween party and shops Goodwill stores to save money. She said that the key is to be flexible and thorough. 

"You come here, you never know what you're going to see, never know what you're going to find," said Cash. "It's an adventure."

It's like a scavenger hunt, according to Goodwill's Christy Latson, but you save by searching.

"You can put together a costume for as cheap as under $20," said Latson.

Thrift stores often have traditional costumes donated from last Halloween, but thrift store managers say most of their shoppers prefer looking through the clothes and creating their own look.

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