Yet Again, Allegations That in Some Uptown Bars, ‘dress Code' Means No Minorities

You know your night out went bad when you wind up in City Hall council chambers telling your tale of woe to the mayor of Dallas and the City Council. And you know it took a real turn for the worse when you're then sitting in the City Hall's Fair Housing department filling out a notarized discrimination complaint alleging that bar where you just wanted to get a drink wouldn't let you in because of the color of your skin.Traci Burst, Stephanie Tavares and Ashley Jordan -- friends, all 29 years old -- are not the first people to say they were turned away from the Trophy Room in Uptown for "being out of dress code," which they say is code for "being black." Nor are they the only ones complaining that a few bars in that part of town are refuse to admit people of color. What happens on McKinney Avenue doesn't stay on McKinney Avenue once it reaches Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor.But for the first time since the city and feds knee-dropped the Kung Fu Saloon, someone came to 1500 Marilla saying aloud what for years has been shouted only in the comments.  Continue reading...

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