Why It's Our Fault That Drunk Drivers Who Kill Get Away With Light Punishment

Was your first reaction red-hot outrage when you saw yesterday's headline, "Drunken driver gets 120 days in plea deal for killing woman in Uptown crash"?Outrage sure sums up how I felt.Especially reading word of this seemingly light punishment alongside headlines of a Grand Prairie woman sentenced to eight years in prison for voter fraud and a Mesquite teacher's aide sentenced to six months for misappropriating government funds after lying about having cancer.Yes, different courts and different systems. But Travis Elwell killed an innocent person who was simply going about her business in broad daylight on a February 2015 afternoon.DWI/intoxication manslaughter perp Elwell was speeding down McKinney Avenue with an alcohol level more than twice the legal limit, when he crashed into Emily Javadi's parked car. The 34-year-old was loading items into her backseat when Elwood's car struck hers; the impact flung her 200 hundred feet into a metal pole. She died an hour later.  Continue reading...

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