Why Insurers Are Not Likely to Offer Supplemental Abortion Coverage — Even If Texas Law Is Signed

A bill that bans general health insurance plans from covering abortions but allows women to buy a supplemental policy to cover the expense is making its way to the governor’s desk.But some say the legislation that won approval Tuesday in the House would do little more than force women to prepay for an abortion — that is, if insurers bother to sell the plans at all.A supplement is basically an add-on to an existing health insurance policy, which allows the consumer access to an additional benefit. Vision and dental are common examples, but some insurers offer them for weight loss surgery and other elective procedures.Seven states already allow such "rider plans" be sold for abortions, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a think tank that supports abortion rights. But “You don’t see the product anywhere. The markets have never been created,” said Elizabeth Nash, who helps them track policy across states. Part of the challenge is that the concept is the opposite of the way health insurance works.  Continue reading...

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