What, Me Worry? Steve Blow on Retirement, Optimism and Truth in the Age of Trump

So, what was I saying? Seems like I got interrupted there.Oh, that's right. It was retirement that finally knocked me off that soapbox. And don't fret for a minute, I'm not renouncing it.This is just a one-time gig. An editor's foolish invitation. Think of it as one of those Christmas letters we all love to hate. Although my grandchildren really are exceptional students. With tutoring.I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much I love retirement. I vaguely recall a corny old joke, possibly dirty, where the undertaker has the punchline: "But we can't wipe the smile off his face."That's me. "Retirement" has such a blah, out-to-pasture sound to it. I much prefer the Spanish word for it — jubilación.Now that really describes it. In fact, in Spanish, this stage of life is sometimes called la segunda juventud. The second childhood. And that's so right on.Even after more than a year of retirement, I still wake up feeling like a kid in the first week of summer.I don't mean to rub it in if you're still working. I know there are satisfactions to be found in that, too. Like food on the table.But if you're like I was, wondering if retirement would be just a little too much free time, I haven't had one minute of boredom. And I don't even golf.With all that said, I do still miss parts of the job. And believe it or not, the main thing I miss is you.Yeah, even you who called me Blowhard — and worse.I always wrote columns with the feeling that I was just talking to a big circle of friends. And your responses, pro and con, made me feel that bond even stronger.It was a rare privilege to spend almost 27 years in a lively, near-constant exchange of ideas and viewpoints.  Continue reading...

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