What Does the NRA Want With One of America’s Top Drug Lawyers?

Gerry Goldstein was as surprised as anyone to get an invitation to speak at the NRA’s annual convention in Dallas earlier this month.Or as he put it: What’s an “aging Jewish hippie” doing in a place like this?To be clear, Goldstein is more than an aging Jewish hippie. He’s long been one of America’s best known defense lawyers. He’s represented everybody from drug-loving gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson to Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega to Mexican drug lord Juan García Abrego.In 1979, High Times magazine named Goldstein one of America’s top 10 dope lawyers. In 1996, Texas Monthly wrote a profile of him headlined “The High Times of Gerry Goldstein.”The man knows a good bit about illegal substances. But a gun guy? Not really. “I don’t have a gun and I don’t see why we need assault weapons,” he told The Dallas Morning News in a recent interview.  Continue reading...

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