‘Well That Is Convenient': Officials Arrest Man in Road Rage Incident Near Texas Sheriff's Department

A 76-year-old man was arrested Monday near the Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Office after reportedly opening fire on a vehicle after someone inside made an obscene gesture while passing him. The people in another vehicle had been stuck behind Jay Larry Brumbaugh's Prius on U.S. Highway 180 for a couple of towns. When they got to a place where they could pass him, one of the people made "obscene gesture," Sheriff Brett McGuire told the Houston Chronicle. Brumbaugh took issue with the gesture, and allegedly pulled out a gun and fired at them, he said. The victims called police to report the incident as they were on their way down the highway, which passes the sheriff's office. McGuire told the Mineral Wells Index that he and several others raced out the front door of the sheriff's office just in time to see the vehicles and hear the last of the three shots."We came out the front door and said, 'Well that is convenient,'" McGuire said. The victims, who were uninjured, pulled into the sheriff's office parking lot. Brumbaught kept going, but turned around and headed back east on U.S. 180 where he was stopped.Brumbaugh, a furniture store owner who is not licensed to carry, was charged with aggravated assault, and posted bond Tuesday morning, the Index reported.  Continue reading...

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