We Recommend a ‘yes' Vote on Dallas Proposition A for Streets and Transportation

Dallas continues to grow, and with that growth comes more traffic in all forms — from cars, bikes and people. Making Dallas a city where people want to live and businesses want to locate requires vision not just for what Dallas will look like in five years, but in 20.The city's Proposition A represents an ambitious part of the bond program on the ballot Nov. 7 and, at $534 million, it is also the costliest. However, if approved, paying off this bond will not require a tax-rate increase, according to calculations by the city staff.Prop A would fund over 1,000 street and transportation projects — including upgrades to the traffic signal system, additional traffic signals, sidewalks and ADA ramps, bridges, bike paths, wider sidewalks, pedestrian lighting and other general street improvements around the city. (The estimated repayment, including interest, will be $725 million.)The condition of Dallas streets has been in decline for years. The city's goal is to have an 87 percent satisfaction rating. It fell short in 2012, hitting 82.5 percent — and the number has been dropping ever since. In 2016, it hit 71.9 percent.   Continue reading...

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