We Basically Ignore School Shootings Now, Because We Will Do Nothing to Stop Them

I am first and foremost a dad. And with two children still in school -- Selah in 5th grade and Judah in 3rd -- I can barely keep myself composed when "news" of another school shooting cracks the airwaves and causes the hairs on my neck to stand at attention.To say that this shouldn't be happening or to reflexively slap a label on each shooting depending on the level of damage -- "unacceptable," "senseless" and "tragic" come to mind -- is beginning to ring trite and hopeless.Somewhere between the politically expedient "Let's Take Away The Guns" tirades and the "Guns Don't Kill, People Kill" broadsides lies an ugly truth: America's schools are no longer a safe haven, a place where you can send your kid off for the day without fear or worry.  Continue reading...

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