Vintage Creep Alert: The Fake Doctor Lurking at Summer '75 Pool Parties

In the summer of '75, Dr. Teddy Nick was "the darling of the apartment pool set."He lived at "one of Dallas' most popular North Dallas singles complexes." He was an intern at Parkland Hospital. He "dated the prettiest girls" and "was invited to the best parties." But Dr. Teddy Nick was not real.His lies began to slowly unravel when a young woman who lived in the building, in an attempt to plan a surprise for Nick, accidentally discovered from the building manager that no one named Teddy Nick lived there. Confused, "the girl called Parkland" hospital. But "they'd never head of him." Neither had some of the "well-known 'friends' whose names he dropped so frequently in conversation."The young woman "called her brother, who made it a point to be around when Nick was supposed to come to his sister's apartment." When "Dr. Nick" refused to answer questions about what he was doing, her brother "knocked him down and took his wallet." That is how they found his real name. And that led to the real story.  Continue reading...

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