Victim of Attack on DART Train Shows Mercy and Grace We Could All Use

There is much to admire about Kennan Jones, the middle-aged man who was savagely beaten by a gang of passengers on a DART train.He has reason to be angry at his perpetrators, and perhaps at the transit system for its lack of security or cameras on the train where he was dragged off and roughed up.But Jones, still recovering from his injuries, said he hopes to turn what happened to him into some kind of redemption - for his attackers and for the transit agency he relies on to get back and forth to work and school.Jones said he harbors no bitterness toward the suspects accused of attacking him on July 30 after he asked one of them to stop smoking pot on the train."I'll let the courts handle that," he said. "My focus is to not be the judge and jury of their lives. I want what the Lord wants for them -- whatever process they have to go through to learn right from wrong."  Continue reading...

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