Trump Supporter Briefly Detained in El Paso After Reportedly Carrying Gun, Knife

This story is developing.EL PASO - Days after the massacre directed at Latinos across the country, a supporter of President Donald J. Trump allegedly armed with a gun and knife was detained in front of a migrant community center, putting an already grieving city on edge.The incident, following the shooting deaths at a Walmart here that claimed the lives of 22 people and left about two dozen injured, has residents in this heavily Hispanic community wary of being targeted.Police spokesman Robert Gomez said Thursday that a "suspicious subject" was "detained and interviewed released" because he was carrying his firearm legally. He would not elaborate.The 21-year-old drove his pickup -- plastered with a Rambo-like image of President Donald J. Trump carrying a large weapon -- from Houston for Trump's trip to the city on Wednesday. He was parked outside the center when police detained him. In the back window was a campaign poster for Texas Senator Ted Cruz.Zebulon Green of the Casa Carmelita community center confirmed the incident took place Wednesday just after Air Force One took off following Trump's visit to this city. A social media page post attributed to Casa Carmelita that said, "In the wake of the mass shooting at Walmart this Saturday, the police, when we asked clear questions concerning our safety repeatedly told us that 'he has rights.'"Under current state law, openly carrying a long gun, such as an AR-15, is legal, although a permit is needed to carry a handgun.   Continue reading...

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