To Sustain the Texas Miracle, Legislators Must Reform School Funding

For more than four decades, Texas' school funding system has been dissected and analyzed by Texas courts, experts and advocates. Is it equitable? Does it provide opportunity for all kids? Is it sustainable? These questions and many more have plagued the public-school system, with court decisions serving as the major catalyst for only piecemeal legislative action.This new session of the Texas Legislature offers an opportunity for substantive action without the pressure of a court case looming. During the 2017 session the Dallas Regional Chamber was proud to support legislation that would have begun to chip away at our outdated system to add much-needed funding for our schools. Those efforts failed, but as we prepare for the 2019 session, we once again commit to critical reforms, for our students and the future of our economy.Texas continues to rank near the bottom in state funding for public education (ranked 43rd in the 2018 Education Week's Quality Counts Report). For a state that boasts top tier rankings in other areas like business climate, we can do better in the area of talent development. That is why there must be no further delay in creating the type of 21st century school finance system our state deserves. As business leaders, we are in a war for talented workers. By 2030, more than 60 percent of jobs will require some type of postsecondary degree or certificate. That's why we support the state's 60x30TX plan, which aims to ensure that the majority of Texans between 25 and 34 have some type of postsecondary degree or professional credential. However, before students can get to that point, they need a solid foundation provided by our public schools.  Continue reading...

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