To Roll Back Obama's Climate Legacy, Trump Will Need More Than Just ‘Day One' to Get It Done

WASHINGTON — Day One could be a dud for those Americans hoping Donald Trump will undo the Obama years in a single swoop. While the president-elect is poised to take swift action on immigration, guns and business, the slow-moving federal system will make it difficult for Trump to fulfill many of the lofty expectations he has set for the first 100 days — much less for Jan. 20, his inaugural day in office. Nowhere is that reality starker than in the realm of environmental regulations. President Barack Obama pushed an aggressive climate agenda, sending shockwaves through the energy industry in Texas and beyond. Some of his advances have been baked in by bureaucracy and the passage of time. And many environmental groups stand ready to defend that legacy. A quick reboot simply isn't an option. "Even with a united government in 2017, it will be an uphill climb to roll back the damage done by this administration," said Rep. Lamar Smith, a San Antonio Republican who chairs the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.  Continue reading...

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