These Dallas Volunteers Save Thousands of Felines — and Defy the ‘crazy Cat Lady’ Label

Just blocks from Old Parkland, in a neighborhood of post-modern boxy residences pushing aside bedraggled frame houses, one little old lady single-handedly set off a population explosion of feral cats.The unintended chaos she created — regularly repeated by similar do-gooders across the city, to the tune of more than 350,000 untamed community cats — started small: She began to feed a couple of felines that wandered by. Then four more showed up. Then 12. Then ....By the time the Catsnips trap-neuter-release team received the call for help, several hundred feral cats — three generations or more — were competing for diminishing space and food. The volunteers arrived to the same frantic greeting they've heard so many times before: These cats aren’t mine, but I love them. What do I do?With SWAT-like precision, traps and educational messages, Catsnips comes to the rescue of both the cats and the folks they live among. Now more of us need to spread the word and step up to help.  Continue reading...

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