The Irony in Trump Crying Fake News and Then Actually Displaying Fake News

For Donald Trump, time is more than just a social construct. Apparently, Time is an artistic rendition.On Tuesday evening, a spokeswoman asked the Trump organization to remove a "Time" magazine cover featuring Donald Trump, looking defiant with his arms crossed, from the president’s golfing clubs.Why?Because the cover wasn’t real.Earlier that day, The Washington Post broke news of the phony cover, and reported that it had been hung in at least four of Trump’s 17 golf clubs, two in Trump’s resort in Doral, Fla., one sharing wall space with 11 other framed magazines that feature Trump, a Trump family member or a Trump golf course, and the final imposter hangs in Champions, the sports bar at the Doral resort, facing a real Fortune magazine cover from 2004. There is a beautiful irony in the man who ran his very campaign, and continues to run his mouth, about the "dishonest" media using a fabricated piece of journalism in his decorating.This discovery wouldn’t be a big deal (people hang faux magazine covers, often given as gag gifts, in their homes all the time) if it hadn’t been hung among actual magazine covers, and if the president weren't constantly and aggressively attempting to erode the credibility of the media on a daily basis.  Continue reading...

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