The Dallas Morning News Recommends Voters Approve the Dallas County Community College District’s $1.1 Billion Bond Issue

Tucked at the bottom of the Dallas County election ballot is a measure that could help determine whether this region’s economy continues to thrive or is stifled because we failed to produce enough skilled workers for the thousands of available jobs here.That’s no overstatement. The troubling facts about the North Texas workforce causes us to again blare the alarm and to give our overwhelming support for the Dallas County Community College District's $1.1 billion bond issue.DCCCD has plans to expand its role in creating a pipeline of the educated professionals Texas industry so sorely needs. With no tax increase, the additional money would help the college district build on its already successful programs and become the epicenter of training and innovation for potential business leaders throughout this region.We urge Dallas County voters to approve it. Here’s why:The college district is key to reversing data that shows that only 37 percent of adults in Dallas County have a two- or four-year degree, but 65 percent of living-wage jobs require an education beyond high school.In North Texas, there are thousands of openings for jobs that require a two-year associate’s degree, certification, occupational licensing or apprenticeships. These are high-paying jobs - such as electricians, plumbers, dental hygienists, tech workers and paralegals - the kind that can lift more residents out of the persistent poverty that still grips too many.DCCCD hasn’t had a bond program in 15 years, and it needs one now to keep up with its own success. It projects enrollment will to continue to grow from 80,000 now to 92,000 in 12 years.  Continue reading...

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