Texas A&M Promises Swift Action After Video of Racist ‘biology Lesson' Surfaces

Texas A&M University is investigating a video posted to Snapchat and Twitter in which a student is seen using racial slurs repeatedly as he engages in a fake biology lesson.The video surfaced June 28 and prompted a swift response from the university."We must be vigilant in addressing and confronting what drives hate speech and prejudice," A&M President Michael Young wrote in a July 1 blog post. "This starts with each of us in the Aggie community calling out this behavior."Young went on to say that while "outcomes are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and cannot be made public by the University, those found responsible will be held accountable."In the video, an apparently intoxicated student stands before a chalkboard and discusses "half-white, half-black" people while other voices and loud music are heard in the background. He repeatedly uses racial slurs while doing so, including one in describing children who look white but were born to two black parents.During his "lesson," the student points to racial slurs written on the chalkboard, and another person there corrects him when he misuses a biological term.  Continue reading...

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